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I love poetry. I love expressing myself, i have troubles doing that through words and speaking. This is my way to get everything out. And now i am sharing them with you.

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  • I wait for hours to talk to him,
    I am drowning inside, and dont know how to swim...

  • Guys i need your help more than anything right...

  • In a fairytale world we live side by side
    You would be my groom, and I your bride...

  • If you knew how much you meant to me
    If somehow you could see...

  • Worse? (1)

    Could anything get anymore worse than it already...
    I've already lost my everything, could I lose...

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  • Who Needs Friends...

    11 years ago
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  • You said you'd be there when the whole world walked out,
    well the world walked out a long time ago
    Where were you?

    11 years ago
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