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Hey I'm Alex.
I'm 16 and I'm a dancer, I do Ballet, baton twirling, gymnastics, jazz dancing, tap dancing, and I do pointe ballet as well, I plan to be a dance teacher when I'm older.
I loooveee love love my boyfriend Donald, he's so amazing, we have a long distance relationship for right now, we've been like that for over a year now and we're doing so good so only until august and he'll be here for college! I'm learning french... I like Harry Potter! And pride and prejudice, and Twilight!

I'm kindaaa new at writing poetry, so please just leave comments. Thanks!

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Latest Poems By Alex

  • Your nostalgic eyes are widened with blossoming...
    making your eyes halt on the spot of the...

  • I can't seem to take my eyes off you. Even if I...
    taking in the moment it's just you and me...

  • 1 is the way you look at me
    2 is what I have to be...

  • I think about you every night.
    I think about you every day...

  • You make me feel happy
    when I feel sad...

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  • For every tear I shed for you, I'll have 100 more smiles.

    9 years ago
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  • If absolute love wasn't true, I'd have nothing to do with you.

    11 years ago
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  • My little cup of sweet delight...Fill me morning, noon, and night.

    11 years ago
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