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  • Can you see it in my eyes when you look at me
    The detachment i feel from this place known as...

  • It all starts with just one cut
    To make me feel good...

  • I'll admit right now it hurts
    To say your name or hear your voice...

  • Isnt it funny how you can be completely fine and...
    Sorry i wanted it to be a quote but it was too...

  • And i always thought i was in.
    Part of you, part of them...

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  • I'm not allowed to kiss him.
    I'm not allowed to touch him.
    I'm not allowed to see him.
    I'm not allowed to call him.
    But I'm allowed to miss him.


    10 years ago
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  • Everytime i hear his name, i cant help but smile =]

    10 years ago
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  • A box full of memories that make you cry....Do you burn them to forget your pain? Or keep them to remember how great it all was?

    10 years ago
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