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Some pursue happiness, I create it!

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  • Age : 21
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Latest Poems By Lyssi Lori

  • I saw you on a high shelf covered in a thick layer...
    I was so lonely that it was in you I began to...

  • Mom, I find myself too often wishing I was a cheap...
    Blue Hawaiian, margarita, A strawberry daiquiri...

  • Her room is decorated with uplifting expressions:
    You are beautiful...

  • Monsters (1) 3

    I was working on a poem and I got stuck. It was...
    When I was young, monsters lived under my bed...

  • It was a season to remember, summer was a bliss,
    Promises of adventures, sealed with a kiss...

Latest Quotes By Lyssi Lori

  • He flooded her thoughts every second of every day,

    She didn't know how to swim but that was okay.

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  • Let me paint the Milky Way across your bedroom walls. I want to make you feel infinite when the world makes you feel small.

    1 year ago
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  • You'd be more afraid of the dark if you knew what was in it. - Mark

    1 year ago
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