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Some pursue happiness, I create it!

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  • "Family is everything." You'll see the quote...
    Something fun to believe, something easy to say...

  • I hope no one thinks I'm going to be their...
    That's a whole job...

  • I saw you on a high shelf covered in a thick layer...
    I was so lonely that it was in you I began to...

  • Mom, I find myself too often wishing I was a cheap...
    Blue Hawaiian, margarita, A strawberry daiquiri...

  • Her room is decorated with uplifting expressions:
    You are beautiful...

Latest Quotes By Lyssi Lori

  • My father jokes about talking to the Devil
    He no longer recognizes his own reflection
    He blames his past
    The liquor
    The kids
    His fingers outstretched in every direction
    The mirror knows the truth
    As it points right back

    1 year ago
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  • Leave.
    They aren't worth it.
    You've worked too hard for the little change you got but it's still always short-
    A life they wanted for too long.
    Put yourself first for once, you never needed any support.

    1 year ago
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  • He flooded her thoughts every second of every day,

    She didn't know how to swim but that was okay.

    4 years ago
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