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My name is sarabeth.
im christian, pentecostal.
im pretty loud, and very opinionate.
hadstrongg, most definitely.
i have no idea where my life is headed and that scares me.
the fact of not being able to control something in my own life is very difficult for me to take in.
when i write, its like im in a different world. its the only time that i can sit down and not have to worry about any stress.
the writtings that are posted are definitely my amatuer ones.
i like making new friendss(:
you should hit me uppp.
s(he) be[lie]ve(s)

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  • I can't believe how mesmerized she makes me feel.
    Sometimes, i's like shes got a hold on me...

  • You know, I never thought it'd end like this.
    I never thought that when everything was over...

  • If letting your guard down was as easy as saying a...
    Would you hesitate to speak...

  • Can you fully submit
    everything to him...

  • Lovee. (2)

    I Messed Up.
    I'll Admit That...

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  • Some people downgrade but the one that upgrades.

    6 years ago
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  • You know,
    ive realized something,
    your bad for me...

    8 years ago
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  • For What It's Worth,
    Your Were My Best Friend.
    For What It's Worth,
    We Pinky Promised To Be Friends Forever.
    For What It's Worth,
    Your Parents Were Like Mine.
    For What It's Worth,
    Your Boyfriend Ruint It All.

    9 years ago
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