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I am who I am, if you want to know me feel free to ask.

Anything about love you can read witin the words I write.

I love Tyler Compton with all my heart, he's my world and I would do anything for him.

So, most of these poems are about him.
Maybe some other struggles but tell me what you think!

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Latest Poems By ShawnnaLeigh

  • Two small oceans suddenly combined,
    Flowing fast towards the north star...

  • Thumping, making a beautiful beat,
    Against this strong white cage...

  • Warm and soft against my lips,
    Feeling the soft touch of the sheets...

  • You don't seem to care anymore,
    And you could care less every passing day...

  • Wonder (1)

    Sometimes I sit and wonder,
    Why I let you go...

Latest Quotes By ShawnnaLeigh

  • I`ve fallin head over heals in love.

    11 years ago
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  • I wish i was eight again...all he had to do was tag me and i was it.

    11 years ago
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  • Time will make you forget me..but time will make me love you even more.

    11 years ago
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