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Hi :) My name's Sarah. I'm a sixteen year old girl and I just try to live life to its fullest :) Although that isn't always easy. I think everyone has to deal with a bunch of ups and downs in their life. I've fallen down a few times but I guess I always managed to get myself back up. I hope I'll always will, because I've come to the conclusion some things are just too painfull to erase. Anyway, I hope I'll learn to believe in true love someday. All my poems are about painfull things that happened to me, so you'll never come across a happy poem, trust me :) But that doesn't mean that I am like this depressed girl or anything, because I love to laugh and have fun :) Anyway, It would be strongly appreciated if some of you read my poems/quotes and left me a comment or rate. I would definitally return the favor :) And If you want to talk to me about anything, feel free to leave me a message Because I love to talk to other people about their (love)life, and mine. :) x x

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Latest Poems By FromHeroToZero

  • I heard our song on the radio today
    It immediately brought back...

  • Describing myself in a few lines isn't really that...
    I'm just this one big cliche...

  • There's this overwelming rage inside of her
    It's making its way through her entire body...

  • Remember those times
    When you would have those tempting...

  • This feeling is stuck inside my soul
    It's aching to get out but I doubt that it ever...

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  • I'm starting to get sick
    of you playing me like this
    So why can't I just turn my back on you
    And walk away ?

    14 years ago
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  • I'm sick of all those bitter endings
    Everytime I'm the one who's making an effort
    And you don't even bother to think
    of how I'm feeling

    14 years ago
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  • I'm not convinced of your love
    So what does that say about our relationship?

    14 years ago
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