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i love poetry. im awsome. i just read some of yalls poems they r all great
id like 2 b ur friends, if u got any q's 4 me, about me or my poems ill be glad 2 aswer thm

i am gone......

im not preppy...im a tomboy...i dont like jugdemental ppl...if u have a problem w/ me...2 bad...leave me alone...if you dont...welcome in

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  • Age : 19
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  • Country : USA, South Carolina
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Latest Poems By Yumi

  • The arrogance of some,
    Heaven know it isn't pure, but we all...

  • There was once a boy with a key,
    Who dreamt of sailing the sea...

  • Crazy? (1)

    'The end is coming!
    The end is coming...

  • Saying that I'm here
    is a lie of sorts...

  • God i miss you
    like the beat of my heart...

Latest Quotes By Yumi

  • I am dead,
    please dont try to save me now,
    you had your chance,
    you gave it up.

    That one chance
    was my one reason
    to stay alive,
    now it's gone,
    and I am dead

    9 years ago
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  • Maybe I do,
    Maybe I don't.
    But no matter what,
    I know I won't.

    Won't what?
    you may ask,
    admit that I love you,
    It's not a simple task.

    9 years ago
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  • I love you.
    why, shouldn't be a question, but an answer to those who don't belive.

    9 years ago
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