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Feel free to browse my works and enjoy reading. However, I must warn you.. you are entering into a dark cold world that is my imagination. Enter if you dare.

Published Author under the name Jack Nightengale as of May 7 2014.

Poetry of an unleashed imagination.

Searching for something that doesn't exist.........

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Latest Poems By Jack Nightengale

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    Round One:
    Gloves up and the lights on...

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    All I can do is shovel the dirt while silence is...

  • This goes out to all those who've been broken,
    Left alone in the dark with words unspoken...

  • It was the morning after,
    The same time it all faded, including the...

  • I'm at it again,
    I can't stop myself from committing this sin...

Latest Quotes By Jack Nightengale

  • A poet is not just a writer.
    A poet is a creator of worlds, ones which are created from the powers of imagination through fingertips. A master craftsman/woman of untold worlds.

    4 years ago
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  • New books coming soon. Delta 6: Blood Shadow out now. Book of Dread coming out by Halloween this year.

    4 years ago
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  • Not only am I a poet but I am also, A visionary, An Author, A superhero, Any character I choose to be because my imagination allows it. Plus the second book is leaving the pages and going to the big screen.

    6 years ago
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