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Ok, so I am me. And that is the best way I have ever found to describe myself. I love my friends and some members of my family, I am a former cutter who it trying her hardest to stop. ----------------------------------- I was suicidal for a while in my life. I had to spend some time in therapy to get past it but I am better now. Sometimes I wonder if life really is worth it, but then I think about the people who have it so much harder then me and I build from their strength. I believe if they can make it through the stuff that they do then why can't I? ----------------------------------- I am bi sexual, and yes I know this because I have been with a few girls in my life time. I am in a relationship with this really great guy right now named Chris.
----------------------------------- Yes I am a Lette so if you are a Hoomie hit me up, I would love to talk. ----------------------------------- My myspace url is lovergurl2435 My aim is iluvheralways243 and my gmail is if you want to chat other then on here. My aim is forwarded to my phone so I am always on. ----------------------------------- Other then that I love writing poetry and I would love to have some feedback from people. ----------------------------------- Pm me if there is anything else you would like to talk about. I love helping people with their problems and I have been told I am good at it. You want a really good support group join the club Expressing Your Pain. It's almost like a second family and we are always here.


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  • I wish that you would love me,
    I wish that you would care...

  • I was really hoping for one chance
    Maybe this time things could've been different...

  • Ken

    He tells me there is nothing to be sorry for,
    But I can see it's all a lie...

  • I needed you today
    So where did you go...

  • I am hurting and I don't understand why
    The one person that said they would always be here...

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  • I looked at her with those red swollen eyes, and asked her if I would ever smile again. She looked at the picture of him in my hand and said, not till you let go.

    10 years ago
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  • It was just too much pain to be true - And it was all she could think to do - She took the knife from the shelf - And saved her from herself.

    10 years ago
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  • Lets be like Thelma and Louise baby, run till the end. The ends getting too close now, we're still running like friends. So take my hand and close your eyes, we'll jump that ledge together.

    10 years ago
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