Favorite Poems of brokengirl

  • I see things changing
    I feel it coming apart...

  • Just friends

    by estefanie


  • Just friends

    by nicole

    After nine months
    you decide to stop...

  • I don't know what happened (1)

    by girl untamed

    I loved you with all of my heart
    and i still do...

  • The final goodbye; (2)

    by BrokenVodkaBottle

    This is my final letter
    My final goodbye...

  • I wish

    by Wingless Angel

    I wish I knew what I did to make you hate me
    I wish I knew what I had to be to make you happy...

  • Forgetting You (8)

    by Lori

    Sure I'll forget you
    And pretend you're not around...

  • Waiting (1)

    by BlackLite17

    Here she sits alone
    Waiting for something to happen...

  • Goodbye

    by Cecilia

    I'm sitting here in this corner
    all alone and empty...

  • Watching, waiting, dreaming

    by mii5t3rii0u5 p03t

    Watching my life deteriorate
    waiting to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

  • So confused (3)

    by findingemo

    I'm giving up on you
    I've held on too long and it's time to let go...

  • Waiting (5)

    by Katie

    As she stares out the window,
    No one can see the pain she hides...

  • So Confused

    by LoveOfMyLife

    Why cant i see
    how much you Care about me...

  • I'm here and waiting (2)

    by SilentlyDyingInside

    I'm here and waiting.
    For you to come for me...

  • Will you be the one .. (2)

    by jennntouch

    Will you be the one ;;
    to make me better...

  • As I Walk Through Life... (4)

    by BrOkEn HeArT

    *Didn't write this...but it really nice*
    I've learned that you can do something in an...