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I have a general care and concern for human kind. I enjoy people who have a lot of life experiences, but do not believe they are a victim. One day people will realize that they can either snap out of sadness, or remain in the dark hole of which they chose to live. I'm a sweet gal, but I have a sharp tongue. I am a great friend to those whom I allow into my life. I love the sun, horses, and my mother. I love my God, but not so fond of His followers. If you believe in a religion (or not) do not attempt to force your beliefs and judgment on others, for that is not what your religion tells you to do. The reason I say this is because I am one of the few, lesbian/Republican/"Christian" you will meet. God's grace for me is not in vain.

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  • Dear brain.Plz stop thinking about her all the time.Im exhausted.dear body.Plz dont quiver at her touch. I cant handle it.dear eyes, Plz stop catching her attention.Theres only so much beauty I can take. my dear heart.w/e youre feeling, plz dont stop.

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  • My words are magic, but you don't hear them.

    7 years ago
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  • It's actually pretty pathetic. I think for hours about what to say to you. It's been days since I have last seen you. Months since I first met you. Years I dream about with you. Seconds when I last thought of you.

    7 years ago
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