im mileena.
im twelve years young.
i am who i am.
i live every moment to the fullest.
im currently taken by donald wayne storey<3.
im not the brightest pencil in the box.lols.
im very hyper and random.
i cant stand judgemental people.
im wearin my heart on my sleeve.
my all time bestie is tristan roberson.
i play volleyball fr faith christian middle.
i have few close friends but theyre the best.
i wont change fr anibody.i luv myself the way i am.
i try to be optimistic but it doesnt always work.
i cant stand it wen people copy me.
i hate it wen people act like sumthin theyre not.
its hard fr me to trust anione.
so if i trust u dont use it against me or ull regret it.
if ya have somethin against me then say it to my face.
and if u cant then dont say it at all.
cuz trust me...i could care less wat u think of me.
wanna know more?
hit me up.


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