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my name is skyler~may.....this is not my REAL life or my WHOLE life...theres alot u don't know about me so dont make assumptions...i share what i want to share and keep private what i want private.....i have really amazing friends that help me get throught all my in alot of drama at skool and there have been friendships lost but friendships made....but i don't start drama unles someone starts with me.....i have the most wonderful boyfriend any girl could ask for....hes cute hes sweet he has a nice body(6 pack) perfect smile but somethings aren't always perfect about him...and i don't mind....thats who he is and thats who im falling for fast and hard...he makes me think twice before i do something that i might me he is perfect...but some ppl might think hes not and thats ok...hes always there for me and hes just wow i love him alot i mean i have never felt this way about any guy before and im happy i feel like this with him....well thats pretty much what i want to say

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  • Sometimes we tend to be in despair when the person...

  • When i thought everything
    was going right you proved...

  • I won't say ''goodbye'' because
    goodbye make me sad...


  • I want a guy
    who calls me beautiful instead of hot...

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  • I think the worst part was that i knew this would happen =,(

    12 years ago
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  • Someone asked me if i messed you, i didn't answer. i just closed my eyes and walked away. then i whispered,"So much."

    12 years ago
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  • The girl who seemed-broke
    the girl who seemed strong-crumbled
    the girl who always laughed it off-cried
    the girl who would never stop trying--
    finally gave up

    12 years ago
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