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Hey my name is Justin but you can call me Aloysius. People call me Aloysius because they all think that Justin is just to commen, and it is just different. I'm not like alot of guys I care about everyone, even though I may say that I do not like someone but I still do. People just do not see me as a type of a person who would write poems, but my girlfriend got me into it. I am not sure if I am good at all because I just started not to long ago, I started just this year and this month. So please, tell me what you think. Am I good, semi-good or am I not good at all. I do not care what people say because I just take what they, and just tell my-self that I can do better if someone tells me that I am not good at something. I try my best to write poems but sometimes they do not come out good.

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    on just how many days I have left...

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  • People with Good Wings are Broken,
    Broken by people with Bad Wings.
    If your Wings have been broken,
    Broken to the point were they seem repairable.
    Repair them with the love you hold,
    Hold in your heart.

    10 years ago
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