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My Names Norman, but i prefer Norm or Normz as my friends call me.

I like poetry and just write when i can think of it.... I do it when I'm down and depressed it really helps me to write it out hence my poetry.

I'm a pagan
and a freemson..
a vegetarian, fire twirler

Yea so me im a blues kid, i travel, and move on often, sliping through darkend alleys, always with my broken, out of tuned guitar. I travel on darkend trains, with my broken guitar, singing my blues away.

Drinking on my whiskey, singing the blues of past, and trains. I hang in ur curtians and i sleep in your hat, Im all kinds of screwed up, but still a decent person.

I just got an apprenticeship as a baker, but I want to go to uni and become a psychology. I guess I just wanna help people.

I also rofl alot so deal. My passions are music, poetry and my friends if u want to know more then add me and ask. Peace

I dont know sometimes. Im a hippipe at heart peace and love to all blessings for the days and the path ahead

Love and Blessings to all

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  • As you pull down one mask you still have more to break through. You will never truly know me. For i dont truly know my self

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