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I'm human. I'm taught to love, to feel, to have emotions. I'm me, the best me I can possibly be. I'm easy to get to know, but I was not made for everybody to like me.

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  • Anger (1)

    Anger ..
    like a volcano waiting to erupt...

  • I'm runnin on somebody else's time
    playin my cards right, to still keep em in my life...

  • I guess I always knew what was best for you,
    and me letting go was the best for you...

  • Waiting around..
    I want what we used to be...

Latest Quotes By Bettyyross

  • You'll never leave my mind. I'll never loose sight of us. As much as my mind is blinded right now, please believe I'll always be around.

    7 years ago
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  • You knew you were going to hurt me. But you still stuck around. Yet, it's funny because I knew it too, and I still chose you.

    bubblequm `

    9 years ago
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  • I'm used to you and I. How can I start this with another guy?

    bubblequm `

    9 years ago
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