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My life is defined by who owns it. Happily I've given over everything to my Creator, Savior, and King Jesus Christ.
So far He's decided that I should live in Mongolia. It's sometimes difficult because being a blond American girl in a formerly Soviet, Asian country I've experienced being a minority but it's also formed my life in ways that have given me a unique perspective on many different ways of and views on life.
Anyways I write a lot, think a lot, play several sports, act a bit, enjoy my friends and family, and try my best to live in a way that glorifies my Savior. (:
Much love to you all!

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  • Age : 18
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  • Country : Mongolia
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  • Radient shades of amber illusion,
    Dance inside my sun-filled mind...

  • Through the skimpy clothes you're wearing,
    I see a girl, young and scared...

  • I trudge through my dusty yard,
    Tasting the smoky air...

  • My hesitant footsteps muffled by leaves,
    Meander this ancient way...

  • Rythms beat and swell around me,
    Resonating music in my core...

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  • Hurt:

    H eart
    U nexpectedly
    R etaliates with
    T ears

    8 years ago
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