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I am from a small town in North Carolina. I have always loved to write and my dream is to become someone who can touch someone else through my words. I've published 5 books so far and I'm still working on publishing more. Check out my poems! And remember, NO ONE is perfect so before you judge, make sure you pay the mirror your respects.

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RIP Perry Herbert; I will see you again.

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Latest Poems By Christy

  • I want you, in all ways possible.
    I want to grow old with you...

  • I’ve been here before and don’t get me wrong,
    I’m a worrier, a wanderer and a warrior but God...

  • So were they really sincere when they said...
    Or was all of that just a saying because they knew...

  • I've been driving blind for quite some time and...
    My heart has been fighting my mind throughout this...

  • I'm sorry for the obligations constipating every...
    I'm sorry for the times I couldn't fake the smiles...

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  • It's better to fly solo than in a flock and go unnoticed

    2 months ago
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