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I'm not comfortable describing myself inside of the small pale box. I can only be fairly and accurately approximated inside of magenta trapezoids, or butterscotch circles.

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  • Age : 27
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Latest Poems By rachael

  • Dying body on the floor
    Aching, crying nevermore...

  • The wilting flowers with early dew
    Take up the ground where beauty grew...

  • I feel you deep within me:
    Burden, blessing, beast, or beauty...

  • They all think the girl they see is the real me..
    They all wish they, too, could be more like she...

  • Razor blade gleaming in the pale moon light
    My thirst for relief overwhelms tonight...

Latest Quotes By rachael

  • Once upon a time I looked upon the world as mine for the taking. I never considered that it might, instead, take all of me.

    6 years ago
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  • Loving you was never the problem - it was trying to love you enough for us both that was impossible.

    6 years ago
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  • If one falls both into and out of love; where does one land?

    6 years ago
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