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The eyes are the window to the soul, the ears are the doorway to the goal
The lips are the fruit that we behold, the throat is the vessel to be told
The heart is the handle of the old, the brain is the pathway of the bold
The skin is the jacket you were sold, the soul is the fire to the cold.

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Latest Poems By Alex

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    When you want to talk...

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    That i loved my dad...

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    Through cold winter air...

  • I look into your eyes,
    And see every lie...

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Latest Quotes By Alex

  • Pay no attention to those who talk behind your back, it simply means you are two steps ahead.

    12 years ago
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  • 'Time exists on a band 'round your wrist, and the people you trust should be last on your list you can solve the worlds problems with just one wish, we were made like this.'

    13 years ago
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  • The Truth is Out There.

    13 years ago
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