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I am a simple person. Touch me gently because I bruise easily.

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  • You, light a candle in your heart
    Fill your soul with the brightness of its visage...

  • The dew drops in my garden

  • Oh my necklace of silky pearls
    Smiling glory of silver curls...

  • She saw him,
    The nimble toddy man...

  • 'Tis night of epiphany
    Whence forth, I make thee a pledge...

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  • Positive thinking is the key to every miracle

    6 years ago
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  • Your outer shell has little to do with your inner strength. You may be as insignificant as a firefly or as tiny as a mouse but you may still have the power to light up a whole nation or have the courage to be the king of the jungle.

    6 years ago
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  • Whether we like it or not, no one can ignore politics because in order to travel in this journey of life, everyone has to find a mode of transport and politicians are the master minds behind the business.

    6 years ago
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