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so i love to write some of it gets a little disturbing but its what i feel and its how i express my emotions cause if i don't do it this way then people might get hurt and i really don't want to hurt any one over bottled up emotions because i have anger issues that was probably more than you wanted to know but its the truth anyways people say that my writing is good some say its bad you can make the decision Oh and you can make your own interpretations of the poems. ---------------------------------
I love who i am and who i wanna be and if you don't like then that's your problem not mine----------------------
I'm not your average teenage girl... yea i look like the rest but I'm not its not always about whats on the outside... the inside counts too...

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  • There once was a girl she's so hurt and broken and...
    If you read this tell me what you think she should...

  • In a silent sleep i dreamed
    of you when you were mine...

  • I'm falling down, with no one to catch me.
    I hit rock bottom and shatter like glass...

  • Her (1)

    He left me for her.
    I was hopeless in love...

  • Suicide is the relentless irritation of self...
    Its the felling of hoplessness and abandonment...

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  • I know im not you average teenage girl but I'm me not you

    6 years ago
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  • You are you, i am me, we need to split apart, so i can be free...

    6 years ago
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  • I love who I am only because this is me...

    6 years ago
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