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Hi, Welcome to my page.
Name's Bobby, Call me Darc.
I write poetry in the place. Of a depression I used to have. I find it as an Healthy alternative. Compared to cutting. For I don't have a problem with people who cut. But my heart just aches for them. I see the scars. I want to cry for them. But I don't want to make them feel worse. For any emos out there. I'm sorry for all the pain you must feel. And I know it's hard to turn your life around. We all face pain. Whether it's Cutting, Words. Discrimination of Skin color (Racism), The dying is the easy part. And to live is challenging. But I realize this. It is said "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." False. I think It's what doesn't kill you. Pisses you off.
It's the moment where we kiss our loved ones and be with our friends that really matter. Not what anybody thinks of you. It doesn't matter if your Over-Weight. Doesn't matter if your hair covers your face.
Doesn't matter if you have a heart a problem. Or if you are Straight,Bi-Sexual, or Gay. What matters is that you're you. Nobody else. And I think You're Beautiful for that.

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  • "You've got to seize the truth to understand it"

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  • "Man is the glory, And the garbage of the universe."

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  • Love is a difficult concept to define but sometimes people get confused with it.

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