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I love to write stories and poems! Fantasy novels and real life could happen tales, and poems about many different things, throw a challenage at me if you wish!

***I have fallen for someone, he is the smile on my face and the redness of my cheeks, the jump of my heart, he makes me feel so happy and I am not ashamed of him, that is why I am posting this on my profile, the way he warms by heart with his sweet words and encouraging lines, is beyond my wildest dreams, thank you Skyler for everything!!!!! I care about you deep and insanely :)!! *********

My real name is not Cathy, but until I feel more comfortable I won't go out and say my name. You might figure it out from poems or quotes.
If you feel horribly lonely or just overwelming happy you can talk to me, I'll listen and stand by your side.
Being an author is a dream of mine, and has been all my life. Writing is the way I express myself, from the inside out. Usually I can't speak outloud what's on my mind. I can only write what I'm thinking, it's the only way to fully explain it and let it out. The only way to show what's on mind is writing, I can't say it outloud, only words on paper. Any writers reading this knows what I mean. From the inside and out, writing for jouralist or even fantasy novels, the ones always daydreaming, have a life worth living, as paper records everything, even your tears.

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  • My baby's 4 months. Ive never been happier. I was so angry at myself when I got pregnant. Thinking I was going to miss out on so much but I feel like Ive gained the world when I look at her. What I always needed but never knew it yet. Ive found my purpose

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  • Soon after I found out he was cheating I came 2 realize he loved her more &decided there was nothing else 4us. I moved on & am so glad I did. I met my now husband soon after. We've been married 4 1yr & a 1/2, & our babies' 4 mos old.Ive never been happier

    5 years ago
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  • I have my days. Depression can't leave you alone completely. But it has become so much better. I'm so glad I held on.

    5 years ago
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