Those fakes ar correspondent to that realness. They ar counterpart. The semantic antinomy, is the demonstration of prove by "reductio ad absurdum".


The Trump mentality:
They call themselves the superior race, though nothing is superior about them, except they want privileges because of the shade of their skins. They are not fair or justified in their aggression against the other races. They're actually barbarians who cannot tolerate others and differences. Like any other brute, they always need to put themselves above others. Exactly the very characteristic of which they accuse those who they colonize them to plunder their lands. The only difference is they wear apron and hold knives and forks, digging into the flesh of their hunts and wipe their bloody mouth with soft napkins, after.




Reciting my Poem by the late Paul Eachus ::


Capitan my capitan, real meaning of poetry:

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  • History, history what a funny word!
    What a trench we dig in our mind
    against the onslaught of
    what really happened!

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  • When women and men have conflict of interest
    It is because they are man and woman
    If they were more human than they are man and woman
    They would not have.

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  • What glues everything together
    is the truth.

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