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My name is Indigo. I was in 6th grade when I fond out that I had a great passion and talent for writing. Not just writing poetry but also fiction. I am in the process of writing 4 novels and 3 poetry books. I still have a dream to have my work published. Everything that I have posted is part of what I'm writing. Consider it a seek peek. All my poems are about true things in the past or present that I'm dealing with. Thank you for the support and I'm currently getting help. But I felt a strong urge to share and reach out to those who have gone through the same or similar. Anyways, thanks so much for supporting my work and me as a writer.

- Indigo 2.21.19

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  • Fears (1) 1

    I’m not afraid of HEIGHTS, WATER, or LOVE...
    I’m afraid of FALLING, DROWNING, and GETTING MY...

  • Too Black (2) 2

    They take my kindness for.....WEAKNESS.
    They take my silence for.....SPEECHLESS...

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    There will be people in life that won't see your...
    Life isn't about trying to fit in; it's about...

  • As a kid:
    Our faces covered with sweat...

  • She was afraid of heights.
    But she was much more afraid to fly...

Latest Quotes By Indigo

  • Stop drowning for people who won’t even get in the damn water for you.

    3 months ago
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  • Don’t worry my darling, tomorrow is another chance.

    3 months ago
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  • Lots of people had the dream to be the first person to touch the moon. But not me; no. I want to be the first person to touch the stars.

    3 months ago
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