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i write mainly because it is an escape from the day to day life, my writings are alos kinda of like my journal. ... if you read my poems please leave a comment good or bad i would like to hear a bad comment is better then no comment but good comments are even better lol but dont lie
so if you would to email me i several other poems that arent on here my cpu broke and i am slowly reuploadeing my poems and its taking some time but if someone would email me i would be more then happy to write one of my poems in a email and send to you they are very good and i hope you like them also

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  • Age : 19
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : USA, Kansas
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Latest Poems By Leyesto

  • I am the angel you wish you would meet
    on a bright summers day in the middle of afield...

  • (its been awhile while since i have wrote...
    Hate and Anger...

  • Constant dark in my heart
    Nothing but the empty black abyss...

  • Broken Shell
    Truly the pain is great...

  • Darkness everywhere, engulfing the very life and...
    Of everything around it...

Latest Quotes By Leyesto

  • "It's better to be pessamistic,and to be surprised, then to be optimistic, and to be let down."

    13 years ago
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  • "When your 5 it's imagination, but when your 35 it's insanity"

    13 years ago
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  • "take a life before they take yours, taste the blood before they spill yours,"

    13 years ago
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