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As I take the knife and slice my delicate skin, a red line appears getting darker and darker haunting me and my nightmares. But as I felt the rush of excitement flow through me a weight that was holding me down was lifted. Until next time...I'm still in pain.
The poems I write are like an escape from my real emotions. i dont know if that makes any sense or not, but it's my life now. Thank you so much for everyone who comments, it really means a lot to me...
5/19/06 UPDATE: hey everyone, i know it has been a very long time and i have missed you all so much. many things taken place in my life this past year. first, i have given up on poetry. i believe i haven't wrote anything in 10 months. second, i have stopped cutting. third, i have been keeping myself busy with cheerleading, track, and softball. for the most part i have completely changed. i have been through an awful lot and i am ready to put it behind me because this year i will be a senior and i want to start a good life. i have this site and my friends on here to thank the most!!!! i will be on here sometimes just to comment on poems...i think i will submit my last sad/depressed poem on tuesday..."The Bleeding Portait" be on the lookout for it. =)

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  • A heart can be broken but still can beat as strong when you are weak.

    17 years ago
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  • Abandoned from love and kindled of hate,
    Only moments ago did I believe it was my fate.
    Until upon you I laid my eyes,
    Then you became the one who ended my cries.

    17 years ago
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  • It is harder to move on while your friends are moving and you are standing still…

    17 years ago
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