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Okay, i haven't been on here in a while. So all the poems i have up are not how i am today at all. Those poems are very old, but the quotes i've put up are very new. (: I'm going to take all the poems down and put my new ones up. ..It may take me awhile, i'm still working on some. Just thought i'd put that out there because i don't want to have people look at my profile and see i have no poems. Haha. <3 -Cass.

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  • She's a suicide angel,
    who's had a bad life...

  • -I'll be there-
    *When no one is there for you...

  • Thoughts of suicide written on my face.
    So Many thought that start to race...

  • I lay in bed with a clenched fist
    As the blood trickles down my wrist...

  • ~*~°·.:.So AfraiD tO oPeN mAh hEaRt
    ScArEd dAt oNcE aGaiN iT’ll bEh toRn ApaRt...

Latest Quotes By Drop xdead gorgeous

  • I don't want to see you anymore.
    I'm just not that strong.
    I love it when we're together,
    But i'm even better when you're GONE*

    11 years ago
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  • It kills her to know everything he told her was a lie, when the only lie she ever told was "Babe, i'm over you."
    She's still trying to believe it herself.

    11 years ago
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  • Knowing how you are was a mistake.
    Talking to you was an even bigger mistake.
    But falling for you was my biggest mistake yet.

    11 years ago
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