I'll Always Be Your Little Girl

by TonyaTragic

From running with me
in the tall green grass
to scaring me half to death
with those Halloween masks.

to pulling me out of bed at 6 am
to go to the farm
to me sitting in your truck
knowing i was in no harm

to you taking me to school,
and me crying not wanting you to leave
the teachers telling me id see you later,
always put me at ease.

from the day you were diagnosed with cancer
till the day you were taken away
to me crying
and begging for you to stay

from you being
my whole world.
Daddy, know this,
I'll always be your little girl


Submission date : 2008-02-23

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Im ThAt BroKeN GirL tHaT tHeY aL ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-15

Oh my god..that is such a beautiful peice..i'm like holding back tears....