Tired Of Trying To Fit In

by Roxstar

She's tired of trying to fit in.
It's lunch time, again she's eating by the dumpster bin.
The guy she likes doesn't even know she exists.
Thats to bad because she's pushed herself to the limit.
She's finally through getting hurt, and trying to fit in.
Trying not to create anymore sins.
Looking around all she sees is the tree limbs, outside by the dumpster bin.
Non-stoppable she really thinks she's capable to talk to the guys she has a crush on.
Signal fades so fast, looking at the guy she likes.
She decides to go up and talk to him, thinking he's not just another one of thoughs sims on a video game, who's not even real. He turns away from her, she gets tears trying to escape her eyes. She goes home, combs her beautiful hair and goes to sleep but no one ever noticed that she never woke up.


Submission date : 2008-02-24

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