I forgive you

by Brokenbutterfly

I'm screaming in my heart
I'm screaming in my mind
how can i be so blind
I'm so confused
its no use
do i love him
do i hate him
somebody tell me
what's the use!
i feel so helpless
yet i feel that he's worthless
he said that he cared
and that the love that we shared would
last forever and eternity

i look at you
i look at me
I'm the one crying cant you see!
its been only a week
since then you met another
you see i know this because my best friends
her brother
they don't get along but he knows it all
she gives guys what they want and lead
her on

i wont ever do this to you
so why do it to me
but to you i say this one last thing
though sometimes i dread on that horrible day
i say i still love you but i forgive you the most
if its one thing you taught me
you made me realize
that without you i could do the most


Submission date : 2008-03-26

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Latest comments

NoMoreWaiting ( F C ) at 2008-04-01

Luv it! great poem, remindes me of my friend. 5/5