Miss Me When I'm Gone

by Jessie

Don't say you know me
When you really have no clue
Don't even try to help me
When I'm feeling SO blue

I know you intentions are bad
Because you don't believe
That deep inside I'm crying
And every night I grieve

I only wish you would try to understand
The truth I hide inside
Don't just judge by my smile
I have on the outside

I wonder if you would care at all
If I took this knife
Dragged it across my skin
And tried to end my life

There is only a couple people I can think of that'll care
I know that is more then most, don't get me wrong
I'm lucky I have at least a few
That will miss me when I'm gone

But I really do wonder
Who really loves me and who does not
And who will help me fight my battle
I haven't yet fought


Submission date : 2008-04-01

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Latest comments

Pink Princess ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-01

I like this very much, its very good well done on this one xxxxxx

whitney ( F P ) at 2008-04-06

To me, this poem is deep. it gives off a lot of ur emotions. nice. keep up the good work