I don't know how I feel anymore...

by Cuttie

I don't know how I feel anymore
I'm really not sure why?...
I'm trying to remember
Of all that maybe the cause

I tried my best to keep us together,
I tried to tell you everything I can
I thought you loved me
Loved and cared for whom I am

I've been untrue I know
I've hid my past, which is my mistake
I've tried to tell you many times
I just couldn't and I didn't...

It was too late, yet I shared
Shared all that was hidden.
You can't believe me I know
You can't trust me I know

You could have left me then
You should have told me then
You should have been honest,
You should have been open

You were fake since that day
You lied that you loved me still
You said you did forgive,
But not forget

Baby it's the past that you hid too
It's just the past that we didn't fully share,
Our presence was never untrue
Not one word that I lied but my past

I thought you knew my love was true
I thought you felt my care was true
I thought you did love me too
I really thought it was all true

We all make mistakes and I did too
I am the fool to be really true...

"Love shouldn't be a tool to get back at each other"



Submission date : 2008-04-03
Last edit : 2008-04-03

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Latest comments

Pink Princess ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-03

Love it, its awesome xx

cory ( F P C D ) at 2008-06-16

Deep message in this.Very visual good work.5/5