The atomic bomb

by Ashley

This poem is dedicated to all those who have lost their lives in hiroshima and Nagasaki....

Standing in the empty doorway
the wind blowing throguh my hair
my heart keeps racing faster
as my thoughts lie in despair.

my fingers start to shiver
as my legs go into a shake
my body wont seem to listen
as my body is a fake

i take one step forward
and accept the freezing cold
i look at the deep darkness
i used to call my home.

i look back into the doorway
of the one who have survived
then face the pit of death
to the innocent who have died

my lips beging to purse
as a tear runs down my face
im really lying with them
in that dreadful horrid place.

as the door slams i jump
and wake in blood and sweat
i couldnt help but sit there
and close my eyes as i wept

so i hope behind that dorrway
those innocent will see
that people still do care
one of them being me.


Submission date : 2008-04-09

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Latest comments

Aimee at 2008-04-09

That's really touching!
I think it's great that you are able to right about something serious like that!
x x

benjamin at 2008-04-09

Im glad that theres someone who cares about the people there. great poem.. i found that somethings didnt rhyme as someone would think a poem to be but you made it all up at the end .. great poem keep wrighting

Alex ( C ) at 2008-04-09

Dam...this is great. ive seen videos of how the bomb affected poeple but you put the pain and suffering in a way were we can all feel.. i think this poem is amazing.. =)