Gone But Never Forgotten

by ImJustMeAndThatsThat

Alex the only
And loving one.
The one that seemed like he touched everyone.
The days are dull,
And gloomy.
Your friends not seeing,
Your smile.
The tears streaming down my face,
Just to see the videos.
You were one,
The only loving one.
You touched the hearts
And never hurt a soul.
But now your family,
And friends,
Are left without your smile.
You are forever in our hearts.
I think we will miss you.
I hear a lot about you,
Just in the last day.
You've touched my soul.
I will pray for you everynight.
I hope to see you in heaven one day,
But for now,
We are left with a hole in our hearts.
You are gone,
From the world,
But never gone,
Or forgotten from our hearts.
You will always
Have a special place in my heart.
You will never be forgotten,
As long as we lived.
You touched the hearts of lots,
And forever you will stay with us.
R.I.P. Alex.
You now have a special place in my heart.
When I go to heaven,
I will be sure to look for you.
You are gone,
But Never Forgotten.
R.I.P Alex.
Your never forgotten..

He was killed doing what he loved to do...Dirt biking.He lost control of his bike,while he was racing,ran over by 15 others,on their dirt bikes,and cracked his skull,and ended up coming to his injuries.This is really hard on everyone who knows him.He is now forever with me,and I will never forget him,for now he is with me in my heart,and wherever I go I will think of him.
Time will heal us all I am sure. We will all miss you Alex.
R.I.P. Alex!



Submission date : 2008-05-29
Last edit : 2008-05-31

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Latest comments

Devon ( F ) at 2008-06-02


Devon ( F ) at 2008-06-02

OMG i Miss him you dont understand... He was my everything and still is. I know this kid and told her about him if anyone is wondering! =] he will forever be mine i love him

thanks for making this for him. it means a lot to me

ily <3

ImJustMeAndThatsThat ( F P ) at 2008-06-05

You very welcome Devon...Im at school right now,showing my friend these poems!!that i wrote for him...

Devon ( F C ) at 2008-10-13

The tragedy is awful... i hope u get better 5/5 really nice poem

ImJustMeAndThatsThat ( F P ) at 2008-10-13

Thanks so much. Thanksgiving this year was not the same. The whole family misses him. R.I.P Grandpa! Ily!

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