Will you ever love me again?

by Jami Renae

Baby, I know that we have been through so much
I tried to fix everything, and It wasn't enough
But I never gave up like you did that day
when you decided to throw our love away
I guess you couldn't take no more of this mess
Because it left us both with alot of stress
I know I made a mistake by saying what I said
I just wanted how I felt to get through your head
I still love you Billy, with all my heart
It hurts to know that we are still apart
I will never forget the times we had
Some were happy and some were sad
and they will remain in my heart forever
Baby, tell me, how can you forget those times together?
I know that you don't love me anymore
and all I am to you is a wh0re
But now that you and I have came to an end
I'm left with this question, Billy will you ever love me again?


Submission date : 2008-07-03

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