I'll Never Love Again

by Marwa

After what happened
I didn't know we'd never be friends
I didn't know it will be the end
Cant believe i lend my heart to you...

If i had known better
We wouldn't be together
So i guess where never...

I'll never love again
I'll never find anyone like you
I'll never find anybody who
Will love me like you do...

I hate to say no...
I hate to say but i told you so...
I'll leave... if you treat me like this...
Thats what i said but you didnt listen
But i guess I'll just go

If you was with me all along
I wouldn't feel free
'Cause you cheated on me
so you now let me down...

Once again before i leave
Just keep on believing in yourself
and succeed your dreams...

I'll never love again...


Submission date : 2008-09-14
Last edit : 2008-09-14

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Rating : 4.7

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Kimberley ( F C D ) at 2008-10-12

I love this!! ~KM~