Pushing me away

by Rebecca

Afraid of the future
afraid of the past
Locked up in reality
shut down in your past
crying on the floor
staring at the door
If you loved me,
How could you do this to me.
I finally realized that life with you is better
You're the one that changed me.
Why can't you see me crying when I look at you
When you hug her
I have to look away.
When you smile.
I smile
cause that's a once in a life time happiness
that I get from you
and now the tears are f**king pouring
out of my eyes.
Surrounding me in terror
and drowning me in pain
why is it so hard when all I do is say your name
now dripping down my cheeks
are the rivers of my love
Look at me and open your heart
You mean more than the world to me.
And you're making me throw my heart
I'm dieing on the floor
my heart is split in two
and all I did was fall in love with you


Submission date : 2008-10-16
Last edit : 2008-10-16

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angel with broken wings ( P ) at 2008-10-16

I love the story that this poem tells and the words you chose! nice job