Reflection [acrostic]

by Kait

R ight there in the mirror.
E very flaw is presented;
F or your and all to see.
L ooking back is a broken soul
E aten away was that shining smile
C oncretely replaced with dark, blank stares.
T ake another look; one more glance.
I nside, the dark, black heart remains.
O n and on it beats with brokenness.
N ever ending is the pain in your REFLECTION.


Submission date : 2008-10-23

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Rating : 5.0

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Latest comments

Leap Of Faith aka Temps ( F P C D ) at 2008-10-23

I love how the word Reflection was the message or the word that made up the poem, and then it was the last word of the poem.. that really was a great way to end it. Secondly, word choice was great hun, and I don't think the flow could have been any better. Nearly flawless write, very sad yet.. I enjoyed it very much. I think these acrostics are a bit addicting, don't you think? 5/5. :]

Dark Savior ( F P C D ) at 2008-10-24

This piece is really good. I enjoyed it and felt that it was really good. I've done something similar to this only not in this style.

F or your and all to see.

F or you and all to see. is what I believe it should be.

very good poem and liked it.