I miss my daddy

by Annette

Sadness over comes me
It weeps in my head
Why did he have to leave me
Why does he have to be dead

I remember all of our moments
All the good times we had
Even the sad ones
God i miss my dad

I wonder if i could of done more
To keep him alive
But i guess it was it
It was his time

I love my daddy more than words can say
So forever he will be in my heart
He will stay

He was my best friend
He was my rock-star
I know he is playing in heaven
His beautiful Les Paul guitar

So daddy please no
That i will never stop loving you
And i will miss you more than life
I miss you more than i ever knew

I love you Daddy...

Stephen John Hopkins
June 9th, 1954 - November 29th, 2008


Submission date : 2008-12-27

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Latest comments

fatimah at 2009-01-10

Your poem touched me in a week my dad would of been dead for a year an till now i dont know how everythign around me is, its a heart touch poem (sorry 4ur loss) x