Brother and Sister

by Hollywood

Glass breaks
Fire sparks
Doors open
Doors slam
Little girls crying
as little brothers fighting
Parents argue
Day starts to fade
Night starts to shine
Hiding everything unseen
Beds rock
Cloths fly
As little girl crys
The little boy fights
Being held down
nothing can be done
Bouncing black hair
Being pulled to the ground
The boy fights
The boy fights
Just to try and survive
The bed slows down
The boy comes home
Sees his little sister lying helplessly on the floor
Her clothes lie
Her body cannot hide
The father is right beside her
As the little girl awakes
the brother tells her to hush and hold on
He takes her hand
and leads her out
No longer is there glass being thrown
No longer are there the late night fight
no longer are there the late night cries
They both are so young
but nothing can come between
brother and sister
They don't come home to late night fights
These nights belong to them


Submission date : 2009-03-13

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Latest comments

LoveKeepsMeStrong ( F P C D ) at 2009-03-20

I like the fact that the meaning is unclear for ages.
another fantastic poem

well done XD

Baby Rainbow ( F P C D ) at 2010-01-20

Have to say this poem really touched me. I liked the curiosity throughout the poem. the introduction was excellently done, by giving short 2worded lines was very powerful.
I liked this style well done xxx