by Mylah Malana

I know deep in my heart you needed to go
I thought I was prepared living without you
I know deep inside it's better living up there
But you see, we're not together and it's unfair

I didn't even have enough chance to take care of you
Because Im miles away, you know what am going through
And I didn't even have the chance to say goodbye
If we happen to see again I hope you still say hi

Things will never ever be the same again
You left us here mourning, still crying in pain
From up there you're now watching over us
But when we miss you, who else will hug us?

Now that you're gone I can hardly define
Meaning of the word forever, if only it's mine
I wanted you to be here, always close, always near
I love you so much, I hope you could still hear

On earth God sees you have done enough
You've given not just your share also your life
In HIS embrace you will soon get your reward
May you rest in peace my loving granddad..#


Submission date : 2009-09-21
Last edit : 2009-09-21

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