Thinking Too Much

by LonelyNightsHurt

I tried to fight, I tried so hard
You left me broken, battered and charred

With all my will, I fought so strong
I thought I was right, Well I thought wrong

Confused and dazed, I drink alone
My house is empty, No longer my home

It helps in easing, What my mind can't quite
I made the hardest decision, Yet I know it was right

I cried for you, I begged and pleaded
But still I left, I'd been mistreated

I want to change, What goes on in my head
But thinking too much, Makes me wish for dead



Submission date : 2010-10-08

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Rating : 5.0

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Latest comments

LaLaROX at 2010-10-08

I really liked this good work :)

andi at 2010-10-15

Its evrything ive been trying to say except the drinking is the cutting 4 me good job