What Happened to Us?

by Brokenheartedwithnosoul

If you could only see
the real me
then everything will be better
even though my eyes get wetter
you know i want you
this pain is long overdue
my mind is dark
but won't forget what i feel in my heart
i say i don't want you back
but my heart is under attack
you broke me down
my world is spinning around
can anyone hear my plea?
I'm calling out from this gurney
where'd you go when i needed you the most?
i don't want to say adios
but i know i have to
you were my boo and i was your pooh bear
what happened to us?
where did things go wrong?
why were yo yr feelings so suppressed?
tell me why was my love for you so strong?
now where do we belong?
for i am gone

i still love him....


Submission date : 2011-10-03

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Latest comments

Deathcanwait ( F P C ) at 2011-10-03

Nice job. The strength of love is never explainable and how people express their emotions is nearly as bad. (5)

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