Without you..

by Ravi Thakkar

Without you
handling a rumbled heart,
sobbing lungs
come back in my
arms starving for you

Don't you remember
those cuddles
our healthy embrace,
those warm feelings
we often had

those SMSs
we used to fly
giggling inside
anxious for replies
we always were

Were wondering
near sea,slashing water
sands on hand
couldn't able to hold
we tried

now it flowed
the seduction
the attachment
the lure,the jazz
all that we endured


Submission date : 2012-09-05

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Rating : 4.2

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Latest comments

Autuumnbree ( F C D ) at 2012-10-10

Good poem I really like the strong feelings here. I do feel if you would've lay this poem out differently it could've been better, but with that being said I think it's a good write and that you feelings are strong here and that what makes it a good poem.

Tina ( F P C ) at 2012-11-27

These are my feelings too!!! very touching!!

Sonia ( F P C D ) at 2012-12-09

Beautiful piece! It needs to be reviewed for some grammar mistakes but it holds a powerful sad emotion that makes us look beyond grammar.. Nice:)

Natasha Clark ( F P C D ) at 2013-01-31

This is sad, and yet beautiful, Ravi.
I enjoy reading this piece. Keep up the good work!