Will I ever be good enough?

by JaM

You say that you love me,
you put your heart on display,
but as time moves on,
I am left with dismay.

You tell me I am beautiful,
that you like how I look.
But your viewing of naked others,
breaks the heart you took.

I will always be unsure,
words will not comfort me.
Drowning in the wonder,
never to be let free.

You beg for forgiveness,
I succumb to you.
Your ways do not change,
I am through.

I will not care anymore,
whether I am for you,
I will take your love,
even though not true.

I shall live in my world,
thinking I am okay.
Waiting for the truth,
to come one lonely day.


Submission date : 2012-12-20

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