Its not your fault

by Megin

Mom you told me not to go, but i went behind your back. I promise I had only 1 thing to drink so please cut me some slack. I think someone slipped something in my drink, because all the sudden my body just felt weak.

Please forgive for I know I was wrong, I just wanted to hang with my friends and party all night long. The ambulance is here, please help me stay alive, because I am to young and really don't want to die.

I'm sorry mom, please believe me this is true, if I could take back anything that would be the first thing I'd do. I hear the paramedics say she's not going to live much longer, so before i go i want you to know you where a great mother!

None of this is your fault it is all mine, if I would have listened everything would be just fine. It's my time to go now so please remember this is true, none of this is your fault, I should have listened to you!
*~* dedicated to my friend*~*


Submission date : 2004-10-29

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